We are absolutely ecstatic to present the world’s number one tribute to Guns N’ Roses,¬†Guns 2 Roses – Guns N’ Roses Tribute Band.

Having played with all 4 members of the original band, Guns II Roses begin establishing themselves in the early 2000’s and have quickly become recognised as the best of the best. They’ve appeared on stage with Slash and Axel and have been endorsed by the official Guns N’ Roses HQ as the most talented tribute in the world today.

Now, 10 years on, they have continued to refine their sound and image into the reincarnation we know today. They’ve appeared at some of the most prestigious venues across the UK, headlined festivals in Los Angeles and have continued to expand their footprint with their recent European tour, selling out shows from Holland to Slovenia and sharing that head-banging magic every little step of the way.

It is, an absolute privilege, to welcome this incredibly talented group of musicians to your Bannaroo and we cannot wait to share what elses’ in store for you.

Oh boy, should you be excited.


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