Where do i park my car?

Limited Parking will be available on site and surrounding the pub but we ask for consideration of the local community when parking in the area. We advise that it may be in your best interest to arrange transportation to and from the event to minimise congestion. The people of Banningham still have lives to lead and they may wish to get out of their driveways! We would like to remind you that all cars are left at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property at this part of the festival.

Can I leave my vehicle overnight?

​Yes, but completely at your own risk. The car park we are making available is yours to use and we have no intention of stopping you getting a taxi home but we would like to remind you that all cars are left at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property at this part of the festival.

Can I Bring A motorhome OVernight?

Motorhomes can be kept in the carpark overnight but, please be aware there is a noise policy and there is no electric hookups available. You will also need to purchase a camping pass if you wish to use the toilets on the campsite overnight. 

I have a disability… Where will I park?

​There will be some on site parking reserved for disabled drivers, to ensure we can do our best to accomodate you, please submit contact us in advance to inform us you require a disabled parking spot. Please note any requests for a disabled parking spot that arrive without a blue disabled permit, will be refused access to a disabled parking spot. Similarly if you turn up on the day hoping for a disabled parking spot, we cannot guarantee one will be available for you so, best to let us know in advance.

Can I bring a gazebo?

No. To ensure everyone has enough space to dance, chat, and eat comfortably, gazebos are not allowed.

Can I bring a picnic or my Own Food?

Unfortunately no. As a small independent event, we depend on our food sales to keep the festival alive. We’ve worked with local suppliers to ensure the food caters for allergies and intolerances. You can take your own food into the campsite but just be aware you won’t be able to take it into the arena. If you are concerned about an intolerance of your own, please call us. 

Can I bring a barbecue?

Not under any circumstance. Anyone found to be starting or maintaining open flames will be immediately ejected from the event.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

In short, no. As a small independent event, we depend on bar sales to keep the festival alive. We have however committed to a well-stocked reasonably priced bar to make sure we keep your thirst quenched.

Can I bring a chair?

Yes. There are very few people who can dance for 12 hours straight. If you’re one of them we salute you. Otherwise there will be some limited seating on site. 

Can I take photos?

​Yes of course you can! We will have a photographer on site to capture all your moves and festive smiles that can be viewed online after the event but if you want to take pictures of each other that is fine by us. It goes without saying obtain consent before taking some else’s picture. Please note that cameras are subject to search at any time and that anyone found to be taking pictures inappropriate or otherwise without the consent of the person in question, may be removed from the event. If you upload to social media, remember to tag us!

Will tickets be available on the day?

There are a limited number of tickets available for sale on the day but we make no guarantees as to availability, so best to buy your tickets in advance.

What time is last entry?

​Last entry to the event is at 9.30pm. Ticket holder’s of any nature will not be able to enter the event after this time.

What time is The Campsite Open?

The campsite is open from 10am Saturday 6th until 10am Monday 8th. 

What time is the bar open until?

Last orders at our outside bar will be at 10.00pm. Our indoor bar will stop serving at 8.00pm.

What time will the event finish?

​The event will finish at 10.30pm and the festival area will close at 11.00pm so make sure you’re packed up and ready for a good sleep by then!

Is there free drinking water?

Yes. There will be a water point at the festival but we will also be selling bottled water for those of you who prefer to drink mineral style.

How can I purchase alcohol?

When entering the event you will be asked to present valid ID. If valid ID is presented you will be granted a Coloured wristband to indicate your age is above 18 and you will be able to enter the beer tent and purchase drinks at the bar. Please note that regardless of age, you will not be able to purchase alcohol without displaying your wristband to the staff.

Can I take drinks between the festival area and the pub?

No. The festival area will be host to a strict no glass policy. If you wish to purchase drinks in the pub and take them through to the festival area, these will need to be decanted into plastic containers which will be available on site.

Can I leave my children unattended?

​Absolutely not. There will be a lot of people, all different ages and walks of life dancing with you, and we care greatly for the protection of all our bannarooer’s. Please do not leave your children unsupervised. Anyone found to do so may be asked to leave the event.

Will there be a cashpoint on site?

​Not exactly. We will be offering a limited amount of cashback at the bar but we make no guarantees on how long we can run this service for so just to be safe, bring some notes.

Can I bring my animals?

​No. We have to consider the welfare of all our festival-goers and unfortunately the regulation of dog-mess, allergies and so on, mean we will not be permitting dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets or any other household pets entry other than guide dogs for the deaf/blind.

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Tickets are available over the bar at The Banningham Crown and also through our partner Ticketbud.

Please note, only tickets purchased through the above method are valid and we ask you to be cautious of touts and unofficial ticketing websites claiming to sell tickets to Bannaroo 2024.