'roo Infrastructure

This year we’re investing in a number of things to improve your Bannaroo experience from the ground up.

We’re going to be adding a taxi rank between the hours of 9pm and 11.30pm to get you home safely.

We’ve increased both the capacity of the festival and the area for the festival to ensure that you can still enjoy the relaxed and intimate atmosphere of all the performances and at the same time never be too far from the bar or food court.

We’re investing in a few visual “surprises’ that we’re going to hold back on the deets of, that will change the visual experience of Bannaroo forever. That’s all we’re going to say right now but suffice to say if you like pretty things, Bannaroo 2022 is the place for you.

We’re also investing in car park lighting for hometime, to make sure you can find your way safely.


Your feedback on 2019’s music has been phenomenal, and we’re now left in a very unusual position of trying to better something truly remarkable. But as we’ve collected all your feedback we are now in a position to offer you what we feel is an even stronger lineup than 2019 and we cannot wait to share it with you.

That said, we are aware the music could be heard two or three villages away so we’re investing in a different type of sound system that won’t “throw” the sound as far but will still offer the incredible quality for those at the festival.



We received some great constructive criticism regarding your food offering last year and this year we’ve decided to make a number of changes to the way we keep your belly’s full.

Food will be available from more than one outlet. We served over 800 meals last year and we found that in a few cases, people were waiting too long for it to get to them. Hungry is fine, but hangry is just not OK. So. This year we’ll:

Be investing in gas equipment rather than electric; enabling us to double our food output.

Be investing in the number of food outlets available to ensure that if you don’t want to wait for something you’ll have another option.

As always we are always here to listen and welcome any suggestions you have so please feel free to contact us through messenger or via email on [email protected].

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Tickets are available over the bar at The Banningham Crown and also through our partner Ticketbud.

Please note, only tickets purchased through the above method are valid and we ask you to be cautious of touts and unofficial ticketing websites claiming to sell tickets to Bannaroo 2024.